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The Imiq Hydroclimate Database houses hydrologic, climatologic, and soils data collected in Alaska and Western Canada from the early 1900s to the present. This database unifies and preserves numerous data collections that have, until now, been stored in field notebooks, on desktop computers, as well as in disparate databases. Synthesizing and analyzing the large-scale hydroclimate characteristics of this important climatic region have been made easier with this searchable database. The data, originally collected in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 relational database, has been migrated to an open source PostgreSQL and PostGIS environment. The Imiq Data Portal provides public access to portions of the Imiq Hydroclimate...
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This project uses existing ShoreZone coastal imagery to map 719 km of shoreline in Bristol Bay, from Cape Constantine to Cape Newenham. This section of coastline is an extremely important herring spawning area and an important component of the Bristol Bay fisheries. Intertidal and nearshore vegetation, on which herring spawn, will be catalogued as part of the ShoreZone mapping and, along with shore types, coastal substrate, and coastal biota, added to the state-wide ShoreZone dataset.‚Äč
Water availability, distribution, quality and quantity are critical habitat elements for fish and other water-dependent species. Furthermore, the availability of water is also a pre-requisite for a number of human activities. The density of weather and hydrology observation sites on the North Slope is orders of magnitude less than in other parts of the U.S., making it difficult to document hydrologic trends and develop accurate predictive models where water is a key input. The information that does exist is scattered among many entities, and varies in format. This multi-year data rescue effort project brought together scarce and scattered hydrology data sets, including high-priority datasets held by the Bureau of...

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