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This data was collected to determine responses of red swamp crayfish and rusty crayfish to CO2-enriched water to determine the utility of CO2 as a crayfish control tool. Avoidance tests, emergence tests, and loss of equilibrium (LOE) tests were performed to determine crayfish behavior in CO2-enriched water. Avoidance data (TimeinChamber2.csv, Crossings.csv, FirstLastShuttle.csv, AvoidanceLengthsandWeights.csv) were collected on 20171220 through 20180214. CO2 was injected in one side of a choice chamber under light or dark conditions and 10oC or 24oC water temperature. Shuttle movements were recorded and used to determine the number of crossings from the CO2 injected side to the non-injected side, the CO2 concentration...