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The UWRM proposal represents the uplands wildlands network in the Heart of the West Proposal. Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountains Ecoregion (UWRM) core areas and linkages shapefile. This GIS dataset provides core areas and linkages that includes all the components of a three track approach (special elements, representation, and focal species) used during the planning process. This is the result of a study contract by The Nature Conservancy to design an ecoregional plan for Northern Utah, Western Wyoming, Southeastern Idaho, Northwest Colorado and South-central Montana. The study was developed in 2001 by Reed Noss, George Wuerthner, Ken Vance-Borland, and Carlos Carroll from Conservation Science, Inc.

    map background search result map search result map Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountain Ecoregion Core Areas and Linkages Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountain Ecoregion Core Areas and Linkages