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These data are netcdf files of the projected timing of the onset of thermal stress severe enough (>8 Degree Heating Weeks) to cause coral bleaching 2x per decade and 10x per decade (annual) under emissions scenarios RCP8.5 and RCP4.5. The projected timing (a year between 2006 and 2100) is the data value. Values are only shown for the ~60,000 four-km pixels where coral reefs are known to occur.
The ReefBase Coral Bleaching dataset provides observation details of coral bleaching occurrences (or lack thereof) around the world. This dataset was built upon an original bleaching database developed at UNEP-WCMC, and has been maintained and updated regularly by ReefBase since early 2002. Main sources of information for this dataset have been: published records from the literature, postings on the coral-list (, the ReefBase online Bleaching Report (, and through collaborations with numerous institutions and individuals. ReefBase would like to particularly acknowledge the contributions made by: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric...

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