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Displays contracts let by US Forest Service for forestry and restoration activities between FY05 and FY10. Each symbol represents one firm and is graduated according to the total dollar value of all contracts received during the time period above.
Price clustering can be a source of market inefficiency. It follows that searching for price clustering in markets have gone beyond share prices into real estate, interest rate, and exchange rate markets. In this paper, we extend this line of research to oil futures markets. In particular, we consider five different forms of oil futures contracts and test for evidence of price clustering. Our results reveal strong presence of price clustering in the oil futures market. This finding implies that price clustering can potentially be a source of oil market inefficiency, which can influence trading strategies.
This data set displays the location of firms receiving US Forest Service contracts to conduct forestry and restoration work in Flathead County. Symbols are graduated to reflect the total dollar value awarded to firm between FY05 and FY10.

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