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In 2006, the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida called for an identification of those lands and waters in the state that are critical to the conservation of Florida’s natural resources. In response, the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, University of Florida Center for Landscape Conservation Planning, and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission collaborated to produce CLIP - the Critical Lands and Waters Identification Project. CLIP is a GIS database of statewide conservation priorities for a broad range of natural resources, including biodiversity, landscape function, surface water, groundwater, and marine resources. CLIP is now being used to inform planning decisions by the Peninsular Florida...
This project will conduct a synthesis of marine spatial data. An OPS staff will be hired to work with marine/coastal experts – to develop a Technical Advisory Group and gather data and input on the processes used in the marine assessment. Additionally, this project will identify key inland (terrestrial and freshwater) areas that currently have or may have in the future direct and indirect impacts on the health of the marine environment. Results of this project will be the basis for the marine component of the Landscape Conservation Design being developed by the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Every effort will be made to build upon existing science and other ongoing projects that may be developing...

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