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Background information.—Historically, the Powell River supported abundant and diverse populations of freshwater mussels. In recent decades, mussel density and species richness have declined and many freshwater mussel species are listed as either State or Federally threatened or endangered species. Environmental degradation from coal mining has been identified as one of the drivers of this decline. An example is the 1996 Lone Mountain slurry spill that directly affected mussel populations, as well as their host fish species. Freshwater mussels feed by filtering small particles from water, thereby improving water quality and providing an essential ecosystem service in rivers and streams. Mussels also serve as a food...
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Carney Ranch Company (formerly Carney Land Company and Carney Ranch) have expressed clear interest in protecting their properties and holdings in the Upper Green River Valley from development through the sale of conservation easements on 3,765 acres. An additional 1,200 acres of land owned by Carney Land Company are already under conservation easements held by the Green River Valley Land Trust. The overall, primary objective is to protect and preserve the outstanding wildlife and open space values that currently exist in this portion of the Upper Green River Valley in perpetuity.
The project consists of three distinct conservation projects: 1) the Sommers/Todd Place project, 2) the Scott Place project, and 3) the Duke Place project. All three projects combined encompass approximately 19,000 deeded acres located at two critical locations along the Green River in northern Sublette County and at an important corridor and buffer area between the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Green River. Sommers/Todd Place: This portion of the porject encompasses over 5,100 deeded acres along the Green River. The ranches are contiguous and are located on both sides of the Green River. It is located along the west flank of the Pinedale Anticline natural gas field. The project includes a conservation...

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