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Across the Tennessee River Basin is a collaboration within the Appalachian LCC bringing together multiple agencies and stakeholders in a joint effort to plan and deliver landscape conservation actions to protect one of the most diverse areas for aquatic species in North America.The mainstem Tennessee River winds its way for roughly 650 miles through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, back into Tennessee, and finally into Kentucky, where it empties into the Ohio River. Streams from these states, but also North Carolina and Georgia, feed the river along its course. Indeed, the entire basin encompasses over 40,000 square miles. Five major physiographic provinces are represented within the basin: the Blue Ridge, the Valley...
Web portals are one of the principal ways geospatial information can be communicated to the public. A few prominent USGS examples are the Geo Data Portal ( [URL is accessible with Google Chrome]), EarthExplorer (, the former Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal, the Alaska Portal Map (, the Coastal Change Hazards Portal (, and The National Map ( Currently, web portals are developed at relatively high effort and cost, with web developers working with highly skilled data specialists on custom solutions that meet user needs. To address this issue,...

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