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The first of six strategies in Canada’s Policy for the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon concerns the identification of units of diversity (called Conservation Units) and determining their conservation status. The primary purpose of this document is to describe the method that was developed to identify the Conservation Units for the five species of Pacific salmon in British Columbia. The description of units in most of the Yukon and Northwest Territories will proceed using this method once the ecotypology of those areas is completed.The approach of Waples et al. (2005, Journal of Fish Biology, volume 59, pages 1-41) was modified to characterize diversity in Pacific salmon along three major axes: ecology, life...
State of the Salmon GIS staff appended, cleaned, and clipped the basins to the North Pacific extent area. This coverage was then edited, by manual digitizing, checking accuracy against a 1:1,000,000 streams coverage, digital elevation models, and 4th field watershed boundaries where available. This process mostly entailed eliminating erroneous inclusion and exclusion of upper stream reaches within Hydro1k boundaries. When more detailed streams were consulted in the Pacific Northwest, Hydro1k basins could have been refined further and were in the cases when it affected distribution of salmonids at the time of processing (Summer 2004). This finer resolution stream data was not used extensively to maintain a consistent...

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