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This project uses bottom-up modeling at a parcel scale to measure the effects of sea-level rise (SLR) on coastal ecosystems and tidal salt marshes. At selected tidal marshes, the project team will measure several parameters that will be incorporated into ArcGIS models creating comparable datasets across the Pacific coast tidal gradient with a focus on 2-4 sites in the California LCC (e.g. San Diego, San Francisco Bay Refuges). The ultimate goal is to provide science support tools for local adaptation planning from the bottom-up that may be implemented under a structured decision-making framework.Science Delivery Phase (2013): The objectives are to: (1) Disseminate site-specific baseline data and modeling results,...
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The goal of this project is to create critically needed coastal fog datasets. Anticipated products from the collaboration between on-the-ground natural resource managers and a multidisciplinary coalition of physical scientists are: 1) a compilation of existing fog related data from multiple sources: satellite (AVHRR, GOES, Modis, Landsat), NOAA buoy , and airport and meteorological stations, 2) USGS Open File report documenting the results of a multiday working session with climatologists, remote sensing specialists, fog modelers, statisticians, and natural resource managers, convened to review the data, examine and assess the correlations between data streams and models, specify initial parameters to be extracted...
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This project used sound science and best management practices in the development and preparation of a coast redwoods for climate change workshop and related field trip involving multiple partners and others. The main purpose of the workshop was information exchange and shared knowledge on how best to manage coast redwoods for projected climate changes.
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On September 6-7, 2013, 30 redwoods researchers, managers, and experts attended a workshop to share information and develop preliminary strategies to manage redwoods for persistence under climate change. Our discussion revolved around existing goals and objectives, current and future trends (including climate change projections), and how to manage for resilience, resistance, and transition. After the workshop, participants were invited on a field trip to learn about restoration efforts in Redwood National Park aimed at restoring previously harvested areas to conditions resembling mature redwood forest composition.

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