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This dataset contains zooplankton species distribution and abundance data collected in the Chukchi Sea during the August 2017 Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON) research cruise. The dataset is a comma separate values file (csv) exported from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The data include the location, date, time, depth, abundance and biomass of zooplankton collected during the 2017 AMBON cruise. Zooplankton were caught with traditional 150µm plankton nets and taxonomically identified. Each data file include the location, date, time, depth, and identification of zooplankton taxa collected during the 2015 AMBON cruise. The data in the file named AMBON2017_Zooplankton_Abundance_150_DC.csv and AMBON2017_505_Zooplankton_Abundance_DWC.csv...
Categories: Data; Tags: AMBON, Acartia, Acartia longiremis, Aeginopsis laurentii, Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observation Network, All tags...