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Physaria pulvinata is described from isolated, grayish, argillaceous shale outcrops in Dolores and San Miguel Counties of southwestern Colorado. It may be distinguished from the related P. intermedia by its caespitose, mound-forming habit, and from P. navajoensis in that its fruits are pubescent. The new species keys to P. rectipes in available floras and monographs, and differs from that species in being mound-forming from a many-branched caudex. Published in Brittonia, volume 58, issue 1, on pages 74 - 77, in 2006.
The focus of the study, associated with these data, is a 540-km2 area at the low-elevation northern end of the 1460-km2 Milford Flat Fire in west-central Utah, and includes burned and adjacent unburned areas. Uncontrolled wildfire in arid and semiarid ecosystems has become an increasing concern in recent decades. Active rehabilitation of fire-affected areas is often quickly initiated to minimize long-term ecosystem damage. However, the complex soil-geomorphic-vegetation patterns and low and variable moisture conditions in these regions makes restoration challenging. To further inform these post-fire management decisions, we present results from 5-years of vegetation and sediment flux monitoring following the Milford...
Physaria scrotiformis O'Kane (Brassicaceae) is a newly described, diminutive, long-lived perennial from the upper subalpine--lower alpine zone of the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The species grows on windswept, nearly barren exposures of Leadville limestone on West Silver Mesa. The species is another example of a taxon bridging the gap between the synonymized genera Lesquerella S. Watson and Physaria (Nuttall ex Torrey & A. Gray) A. Gray s. str. Additionally, the following new combinations and changes in status are made and keys are provided where needed: P. carinata (Rollins) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz subsp. paysonii (Rollins) O'Kane, P. carinata (Rollins) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz subsp. pulchella (Rollins)...

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