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This dataset contains small cutthroat trout lakes within Southeast Alaska. These are smaller lakes that do not produce cutthroat trout large enough to reach the 11-inch regional minimum size limit. Each of these lakes has a 9-inch minimum size limit, and bait is prohibited. Regionwide limits of 2 per day and 2 in possession apply. Currently there are seven lakes in Southeast Alaska with the small cutthroat lake designation. Please verify fishing regulations with current Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fishing Regulations at the following link:
Two-dimensional river flow patterns have been measured using a pair of RiverSondes in two experiments in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta system of central California during April and October 2007. An experiment was conducted at Walnut Grove, California in order to explore the use of dual RiverSondes to measure flow patterns at a location which is important in the study of juvenile fish migration. The data available during the first experiment were limited by low wind, so a second experiment was conducted at Threemile Slough where wind conditions and surface turbulence historically have resulted in abundant data. Both experiments included ADCP near-surface velocity measurements from either manned or unmanned...
As the SEAK Hydro database evolves, so to will the metadata for this dataset. In the interim, please reference this metadata for an older version of the source data. This dataset contains polygons that depict lakes within the Tongass National Forest (not currently all of SE AK) that were derived from the USFS "Landstat" dataset.

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