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Sarcobatus vermiculatus (Hook) Torrey is a leaf succulent, sodium-accumulating shrub usually found in saline substrates of the Great Basin desert, Utah, USA. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the effect of salinity (0, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mM NaCl) and temperature (day/night: 5/15, 10/20, 15/25, 20/30, and 25/35�C) on seed germination. S. vermiculatus showed 100% germination in non-saline controls, at all thermoperiods. Percentage and rate of germination decreased with increases in salinity and few seeds germinated at even 1000 mM NaCl. High salinity exposure caused the loss of viability at higher temperature regimes, while some recovery was recorded in low salinity treatments. Published...