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This web tool generates monitoring locations that are spatially balanced across a landscape. First, it will display your study area in the Plot tab. From there, you can request the number of spatially balanced points you wish to have created, by strata. Oversampled points can also be requested. After selecting 'generate points', the tool will create the points and display them for you, both in the plot, and in table format. Point coordinates in the table are in the same projection as your input dataset.
This tool enables calculation of monitoring sample sufficiency based on observed and desired minimum detectable difference (MDD or effect size) from a set of sample data. This tool can also be used to estimate sample sizes necessary to meet monitoring objectives from pilot data.
The Horwitz-Thompson Estimator tool can be used to produce indicator estimates from monitoring data. Estimates can be for 1) a study area without strata or 2) within a stratum. Sample points can be unweighted (most typical) or individually weighted (i.e., unequal probability sampling).