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Because of the difficulties involved with separating natural fluctuations in climatic variables from possible directional changes related to human activities (e.g., heightened atmospheric CO2 concentrations related to fossil fuel consumption), some researchers have focused on developing alternative indicators to detect hypothesized climate changes. It has, for example, been suggested that the locations of ecotones, transitions between adjacent ecosystems or biomes, should be monitored. It is assumed that changes in climate, especially increases in atmospheric temperature, will result in shifts in the location (altitude or latitude) of ecotones as plants respond to the newly imposed climatic conditions. In this article,...
UI Campus/Moscow Community Green Map to promote awareness of the University of Idaho Sustainability Initiative and to map out the 'green' activities of the University and the surrounding Moscow community. Green activities that have been mapped include parks and open space, community gardens, recycling locations, bus stops, bicycle paths, bicycle racks, and farmers' markets. It also include information about locations where ‘green’ practices have been implemented. The UI Campus/Moscow Community Green Map has helped the University of Idaho Sustainability Initiative publicize its activities, measure progress, and energize the community around its goals. It has also provided opportunities for the campus and surrounding...

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