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On subwatersheds of the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed measurements of precipitation and runoff showed extreme variation in the rainfall-runoff relation. This variation is attributed to irregularity of amount, intensity, and dislribution of the precipitation and to unmeasured differences among the subwatersheds. To ascertain effects of soil on infiltration, rain gages and Bouyoucos moisture blocks were installed on a 4.5-acre, grass-covered drainage area of igneous soil and on a 3.0-acre drainage area of calcareous soil supporting a shrub cover. Soil in the grassland area showed greater and more abrupt responses to rainfall at the 6- and 18-inch depths. Moisture depletion at the 6-inch depth was more rapid...
A field study was conducted to ascertain the amount of protection that mesquite-dominated communities provide to the surface from wind erosion. The dynamics of the locally accelerated evolution of a mesquite/coppice dune landscape and the undetermined spatial dependence of potential erosion by wind from a shear stress partition model were investigated. Sediment transport and dust emission processes are governed by the amount of protection that can be provided by roughness elements. Although shear stress partition models exist that can describe this, their accuracy has only been tested against a limited dataset because instrumentation has previously been unable to provide the necessary measurements. This study combines...