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The impacts of the United States drought of 2007 to both society and ecosystems were substantive and included multi-billion dollar agricultural losses and the second worst wildfire season on record. The purpose of this paper is to place the 2007 drought in historical perspective relative to the climate record from 1895?2007 to increase our understanding of this hazard and contribute to improvements of drought mitigation plans. We compared the 2007 drought historically against the climatic record (1895?2007) using the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI). We then examined the temporal progression of the 2007 drought and placed the peak month of drought severity (November) in historical perspective using rankings...
The Regional Climate Change Viewer (RCCV) is intended to be an easy-to-use tool to visualize and download a selected subset of the Dynamically Downscaled climate data set. The application offers a limited set of common variables that have been averaged over predefined geographic areas that currently include states and counties and USGS Hydrologic Unit Codes. The application facilitates comparisons of climate variables for future time periods (i.e., years 2030-2039, 2050-2059, etc.) with present-day (1980-1999) climatologies. The data used in the RCCV application can also be downloaded for personal use. The data set is comprised of four General Circulation Models (GCMs) that have been dynamically downscaled using...
The data sets available on the PRISM website (link below) were created using the PRISM (Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model) climate mapping system, developed by Dr. Christopher Daly, PRISM Climate Group director. PRISM is a unique knowledge-based system that uses point measurements of precipitation, temperature, and other climatic factors to produce continuous, digital grid estimates of monthly, yearly, and event-based climatic parameters. Continuously updated, this unique analytical tool incorporates point data, a digital elevation model, and expert knowledge of complex climatic extremes, including rain shadows, coastal effects, and temperature inversions. PRISM data sets are recognized...

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