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Abstract (from Trees provide ecosystem services that counter negative effects of urban habitats on human and environmental health. Unfortunately, herbivorous arthropod pests are often more abundant on urban than rural trees, reducing tree growth, survival, and ecosystem services. Previous research where vegetation complexity was reduced has attributed elevated urban pest abundance to decreased regulation by natural enemies. However, reducing vegetation complexity, particularly the density of overstory trees, also makes cities hotter than natural habitats. We ask how urban habitat characteristics influence an abiotic factor, temperature, and a biotic factor,...
This dataset represents actual and predicted suitable habitat for Acer rubrum (red maple, species code 316) in the Eastern United States as measured by importance value based on data obtained from the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) project, current climate conditions, and future climate projections. This summary unit of this dataset is a 20 by 20 kilometer cell. The actual importance value (IV) was calculated based on the number of stems and basal area of a given tree species relative to other tree species on a plot using about 100,000 FIA plots (representing nearly 3 million tree records) in the 37 states within the United States east of the 100th meridian. These importance values were summarized to 20 by...
Abstract (from Environmental Entomology) An insect species’ geographic distribution is probably delimited in part by physiological tolerances of environmental temperatures. Gloomy scale (Melanaspis tenebricosa (Comstock)) is a native insect herbivore in eastern U.S. forests. In eastern U.S. cities, where temperatures are warmer than nearby natural areas, M. tenebricosa is a primary pest of red maple (Acer rubrum L.; Sapindales: Sapindaceae) With warming, M. tenebricosa may spread to new cities or become pestilent in forests. To better understand current and future M. tenebricosa distribution boundaries, we examined M. tenebricosa thermal tolerance under laboratory conditions. We selected five hot and five cold experimental...

map background search result map search result map Eastern United States Climate Change Tree Atlas - Suitable habitat for Acer rubrum (red maple) as measured by importance value (IV) Eastern United States Climate Change Tree Atlas - Suitable habitat for Acer rubrum (red maple) as measured by importance value (IV)