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BLM Resource Area Boundaries within the Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) Proposed Resource Management Plan (PRMP) boundary. These resource area boundaries were modified along edges of the Western Oregon Plan Revision updated Analysis of Mangement Situatiion (AMS) project boundary and are intended for use in analytical summaries.BLM: (Bureau of Land Management) WOPR: (Western Oregon Plan Revision), POL: (Political) PRMP: (Proposed Resource Mangement Plan) AMS: (Analysis of Management Situation) RAB: (Resource Area Boundary) LUP: (Land Use Planning)
1:100k Fish Distribution obtained from the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for the Western Oregon Plan Revision. BLM (Bureau of Land Management), WOPR (Western Oregon Plan Revision), WOPR Theme Group: FSH (Fish) WOPR Phase: AA (All Alternatives) WOPR Purpose: A (Analysis) Supplemental Information from ODFW as follows: Procedures_Used: These data were intitially developed by ODFW's Bull Trout coordinator and are based on data collected through 2000 by state, federal and tribal fishery biologists. Those data represent areas of documented Bull Trout presence. Most surveys captured by the initial dataset were completed during the summer and fall months. Wintertime distributions could vary significantly from summer/fall...

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