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Alska is a complex amalgamation of tectonic blocks with diverse histories. Sedimentary basins that are formed on these blocks both before amalgamation and as a result of collisions between them record the tectonic history of this complex region. Thermal-maturity data-indicators of maximum burial temperatures-provide important constraints both on basin evolution and on terrane amalgamation. To help elucidate these relations, and to provide constraints for hydrocarbon assessments, the U.S. Geological survey (USGS) has compilied thermal-maturity data from Alaska for many decades. This report is a digital release of our current understanding of thermal-maturity patters in Alaska.
This CD-ROM publication provides a GIS analysis of a summaryterrane map, mineral deposit maps, and metallogenic belt maps forthe Russian Far East, Alaska, Canadian Cordillera and adjacentoffshore areas. This CD-ROM publication is one of a series ofpublications for a large collaborative project on the Major MineralDeposits, Metallogenesis, and Tectonics of the Russian Far East,Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera. This project is providingcritical information for collaborators and customers on the majormetalliferous mineral resources, metallogenic patterns, and crustalorigin and evolution of mineralizing systems for the region. Themajor collaborating agencies for the project are the RussianAcademy of Sciences, ROSKOMNEDRA,...
A 1:62,500-scale black-and-white map identifying some 2,000landslides of various types in Santa Cruz County, California, hasbeen converted to a digital-map database that can be acquired fromthe U.S. Geological Survey over the Internet or on magnetic tape.
The San Jose 30 x 60-minute quadrangle straddles the CaliforniaCoast Ranges southeast of San Francisco, and extends from west ofthe San Andreas fault near Santa Cruz on the southwest (long. -122�,lat. 37�) to the San Joaquin River in the Central Valley on thenortheast (long. -121�, lat. 37.5�). The map is a new geologiccompilation that is based on extensive previous work by many authorsand a great deal of new mapping, largely at 1:24,000, much of whichis previously unpublished.This report presents the preliminary geologic map of the San Jose 30x 60-minute quadrangle at a scale of 1:100,000, and consists of aspatial database of nine layers, two colored map sheets (geologicmap and correlation diagram), and a descriptive...
This digital map portrays the bedrock geology of the states ofMichigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota taken from the most recentpublished regional compilations. Some minor modifications andgeneralizations have been made from the published maps. Informationon mineral deposits of the three states is from the U.S. GeologicalSurvey's Mineral Resource Data System (MRDS).Version 3.0 supercedes the original report released in 1997. Itdiffers from the original map in having expanded attributeinformation assigned to geologic units and updated shoreline andstate boundaries. The new attributes allow expanded capabilitiesfor producing derivative maps for attributes including stratigraphy,lithology, and tectonic settings. The new...
All or part of 25 7.5-minute quadrangles identifying 8465 Landslideslargely slow-moving slides and earth flows in Alameda County,California, have been converted to a digital-map database, compiledat 1:24,000 scale and plotted at 1:62,500 scale, that can beacquired from the U.S. Geological Survey over the Internet or onmagnetic tape.

    map background search result map search result map Generalized Thermal Maturity Map of Alaska Summary terrane, mineral deposit, and metallogenic belt maps of the Russian Far East, Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera Digital Compilation of "Preliminary Map of Landslide Deposits in Santa Cruz County, California, By Cooper-Clark and Associates, 1975": A Digital Map Database Preliminary Geologic Description of the San Jose 30 X 60 Minute Quadrangle, California: A Digital Database Landslides in Alameda County, California, A Digital Database Extracted from Preliminary Photointerpretation Maps of Surficial Deposits by T.H. Nilsen in USGS Open-File Report 75-277 Generalized Thermal Maturity Map of Alaska Summary terrane, mineral deposit, and metallogenic belt maps of the Russian Far East, Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera