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Images were captured using INFINITY series cameras (models 1-2C, 3-3URFC, and 2-1RC, Lumenera Corp., Ottawa, ON Canada) coupled with stereomicroscopes (model EMZ-TR, Meiji Techno, San Jose, CA USA and model M8, Wild Company, Heerbrugg, Switzerland) or a compound microscope (model Vanox, Olympus, Waltham, MA USA). Specimens >2mm in length were photographed superimposed over a 1mm gridded stage to provide spatial reference when comparing other individuals for verification. Standard photo perspectives (e.g., dorsal, ventral, lateral, etc.) were taken of each specimen, and at least one in each series was annotated to illustrate important family and/or genus level characteristics noted in commonly available dichotomous...
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David Walters Aquatic Experimental Lab U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center 2150 Centre Ave. Building C Fort Collins, CO 80526-8118
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