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Work Accomplished in FY2009 and Findings Eight Landsat- and eight AWiFS-based habitat-component models were completed for the WLCI area, including estimates of cover percentage for shrub, herbs, litter, sagebrush, big 48 sagebrush, Wyoming sagebrush, and bare ground, and for shrub height. According to an independent accuracy assessment, primary root mean square error (RMSE) values for habitat components based on QuickBird (2.4-m resolution) ranged from 4.90 to 10.16; those based on Landsat (30-m resolution) ranged from 6.04 to 15.85; and those based on AWiFS (56-m resolution) ranged from 6.97 to 16.14. The models improved the state-wide characterization of categorical landcover classes by 8 percent over the National...