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FY2011Thousands of data points have been collected by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Nevada Division of Wildlife from the 1950s to the present describing the distribution of declining native redband and endangered Lahontan cutthroat trout, and the invasive, nonnative brown and brook trout. USGS analyzed this data to understand the climate-related changes to species distributions and model extinction risk. The results, submittedfor publication, will be used by the State of Oregon as it drafts conservation plans for redband trout and by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection in drafting water quality criteria to protect and monitor the states coldwater fisheries.
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Pacific trout Oncorhynchus spp. in western North America are strongly valued in ecological, socioeconomic, and cultural views, and have been the subject of substantial research and conservation efforts. Despite this, the understanding of their evolutionary histories, overall diversity, and challenges to their conservation is incomplete. We review the state of knowledge on these important issues, focusing on Pacific trout in the genus Oncorhynchus. Although most research on salmonid fishes emphasizes Pacific salmon, we focus on Pacific trout because they share a common evolutionary history, and many taxa in western North America have not been formally described, particularly in the southern extent of their ranges....

    map background search result map search result map Climate impacts on streamflows, thermal regimes, and the changing distribution of trout in the Great Basin Climate impacts on streamflows, thermal regimes, and the changing distribution of trout in the Great Basin