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Adult movement and natal dispersal data demonstrate that Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) are able to travel over long distances, suggesting a large functional population. However, these data are unable to determine whether these movements contribute to gene flow among adjacent breeding areas. We used eight microsatellite DNA loci and mitochondrial DNA control-region sequence data to assess population structure of Northern Goshawks breeding in Utah. Goshawks had moderate levels of genetic variation at microsatellite loci (observed heterozygosity = 50%), similar to levels found in other medium-sized, highly mobile birds. Overall estimates of interpopulation variance in microsatellite alleles (FST = 0.011) and...
The known Mountain Plover population breeding on the Myton Bench, Duchesne County, Utah, is small, composed roughly of 30 adults and young after each breeding season. Currently, its location is peripheral to the species? main range. This shrub-steppe breeding habitat differs from the shortgrass prairie habitat with which this bird is historically associated. Between 1996 and 1998 we made observations at nesting sites located consistently in 2 concentrated areas surrounded by large tracts of similar habitat. Activity may be focused in these specific areas because of breeding-site fidelity; this behavior is common among most shorebirds and has been documented for the Mountain Plover in Colorado. Also, Mountain Plovers...

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