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Project Synopsis: BLM Kemmerer Field Office (KFO) proposes to construct riparian exclosures within the “Sage” sage-grouse core area as designated by the Wyoming Governor’s Executive Order (EO 2011-5). During late summer, fall and early winter of 2011 the BLM mapped and inventoried approximately 190 reservoirs and 50 springs/seeps in the Ruby Priority Project area. After compiling 2011 data, the BLM identified several springs/seeps as priorities for protection/enhancement. The springs/seeps are repeatedly grazed to the extent that hummocks are forming or have already formed. Once hummocks form or start to form, the immediate threat is a high soil compaction which could result in a lower water table, the spring/seep...
The fence, an east to west boundary animals must attempt to fight their way through this non-wildlife friendly fence, increasing their opportunity to become entangled in the fence. With the conversion of this 3 miles of sheep and barbed wire to wildlife friendly fencing, animal migration will be improved so death and injuries associated with the existing fence will be reduced.
Project Synopsis: Raven control (removal) efforts of varying intensity have been carried out around lambing grounds in Lincoln, Sweetwater, Uinta, and Carbon counties in Wyoming by United States Department of Agriculture/Wildlife Services (WS). This has provided a unique opportunity to study the potential effects of raven removal on sage-grouse nest success. Increased anthropogenic development (energy development and urbanization) may have a negative impact on sage-grouse nesting success and productivity as a result of increased raven populations and raven depredation of sage-grouse nests. Structures associated with anthropogenic development may provide perches that ravens need to forage or ravens may be drawn...

    map background search result map search result map Fish Creek Wildlife Friendly Fencing Project Impacts of Ravens on Sage-grouse Nests in Southern Wyoming Sage-grouse Core Area Riparian Exclosure Project Fish Creek Wildlife Friendly Fencing Project Sage-grouse Core Area Riparian Exclosure Project Impacts of Ravens on Sage-grouse Nests in Southern Wyoming