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This dataset contains basemap layers with Dept of Defense lands, Legally and Legislatively protected areas and ACECs.
This project developed analytical approaches, tools and geospatial data to support conservation planning for renewable energy development in the California deserts. Research focused on geographical analysis to avoid, minimize and mitigate the cumulative biological effects of utility-scale solar energy development. A hierarchical logic model was created to map the compatibility of new solar energy projects with current biological conservation values. The research indicated that the extent of compatible areas is much greater than the estimated land area required to achieve 2040 greenhouse gas reduction goals. Species distribution models were produced for 65 animal and plant species that were of potential conservation...
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Existing conservation designations in the DRECP. These include but are not limited to:Legally and Legislatively Protected Areas (National Parks, Wilderness, WSA)WEMO conservation areas NECO conservation areasPlanned management areas from CDCA 1980'sUnusual Plant AssemblagesWildlife Habitat Management AreasACECsDWMAsFederal Critical Habitat The data was compiled into one layer package for viewing the existing network of conservation in the desert.

    map background search result map search result map Existing conservation designations in the DRECP DRECP basemap elements DRECP basemap elements Existing conservation designations in the DRECP