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A combination of available bathymetric-survey information and bottom-sediment coring was used to investigate sedimentation and the occurrence of selected nutrients (total nitrogen and total phosphorus), organic and total carbon, 25 trace elements, diatoms, and the radionuclide cesium-137 in the bottom sediment of Fall River Lake, southeast Kansas. The total estimated volume and mass of bottom sediment deposited from 1948 through 2006 in the original conservation pool of the reservoir was 470 million cubic feet and 18.8 billion pounds, respectively. The estimated sediment volume occupied about 36 percent of the original conservation-pool, water-storage capacity of the reservoir. Mean annual net sediment deposition...
Shawnee Mission Lake is an artificial impoundment central to Shawnee Mission Park, the largest public park in Johnson County, Kansas. The Shawnee Mission Lake watershed has remained relatively undeveloped since the completion of the dam in 1962. However, recent (1990?2006) urban development has been a cause for concern regarding the quantity and quality of sediment entering the reservoir. The U.S. Geological Survey collected two cores of bottom sediment to assess sediment accumulation and quality in Shawnee Mission Lake. Results from this study indicate that sediment accumulation has remained relatively constant from 1970?2006 at the downstream portion of the reservoir. Runoff from urban portions of the watershed...