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We conducted a field experiment to assess interrelationships between leaf-tissue secondary chemistry, avian predation, and the abundance and diversity of arthropods occurring on sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) in central Oregon. Arthropods were removed from individual shrubs, some of which were then caged to exclude birds. Secondary chemistry and arthropods were sampled at intervals up to 56 wk following the defaunation/caging treatment. Recovery rates differed among arthropod taxa and functional groups. Several sap-sucking homopterans and hemipterans reached control levels within 2-4 wk of the treatment, whereas abundances of parasitoids and predators recovered to match control numbers only 6 wk after defaunation....
Degradation, fragmentation, and loss of native sagebrush (Artemisia spp.) landscapes have imperiled these habitats and their associated avifauna. Historically, this vast piece of the Western landscape has been undervalued: even though more than 70% of all remaining sagebrush habitat in the United States is publicly owned, <3% of it is protected as federal reserves or national parks. We review the threats facing birds in sagebrush habitats to emphasize the urgency for conservation and research actions, and synthesize existing information that forms the foundation for recommended research directions. Management and conservation of birds in sagebrush habitats will require more research into four major topics: (1) identification...