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This paper reports present knowledge of the algal and invertebrate communities in the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Mead. Both preimpoundment and postimpoundment conditions are discussed, including recent studies on the proposed changes of regulated flow on algal and macroinvertebrates in the Colorado River. Case studies in other lotic ecosystems with regulated dlow that are germane to the algal and macroinvertebrate communities in the Colorado River are also reviewed. Recommendations for future studies and management operations are provided. Published in Colorado River Ecology and Dam Management. Proceedings of a symposium held 24-25 May 1990 at Santa Fe, New Mexico, on pages 102 - 123, in 1991.
We tested the recolonization of the phytobenthic community in the tailwaters of Glen Canyon Dam following long- and short-term experimentally induced desiccation. The response of Cladophora glomerata, Oscillatoria spp., miscellaneous phytobenthos species and periphyton was studied over 18 weeks using three treatments: (1) undisturbed control cobbles from the submerged zone; (2) cobbles desiccated and replaced into the submerged zone; and (3) cobbles desiccated and replaced into the varial zone. Periphyton density and compositional response resulting from these treatments were also examined. Desiccation treatments were significantly different in biomass from controls throughout the study. The biomass of desiccated...
Rivers of North America is an important reference for scientists, ecologists, and students studying rivers and their ecosystems. It brings together information from several regional specialists on the major river basins of North America, presented in a large-format, full-color book. The introduction covers general aspects of geology, hydrology, ecology and human impacts on rivers. This is followed by 22 chapters on the major river basins. Each chapter begins with a full-page color photograph and includes several additional photographs within the text. These chapters feature three to five rivers of the basin/region, and cover several other rivers with one-page summaries. Rivers selected for coverage include the largest,...