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In 2004, the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) initiated a pilot study that involved collection of more than 1500 soil samples from 221 sites along two continental transects across Canada and the United States. The pilot study was designed to test and refine protocols for a soil geochemical survey of North America. The two transects crossed a wide array of soil parent materials, soil ages, climatic conditions, landforms, land covers and land uses. Sample sites were selected randomly at approximately 40-km intervals from a population defined as all soils of the continent. At each site, soils representing 0 to 5 cm depth, and the O, A, and C horizons, if present, were collected...
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This digital map portrays the bedrock geology of the states ofMichigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota taken from the most recentpublished regional compilations. Some minor modifications andgeneralizations have been made from the published maps. Informationon mineral deposits of the three states is from the U.S. GeologicalSurvey's Mineral Resource Data System (MRDS).Version 3.0 supercedes the original report released in 1997. Itdiffers from the original map in having expanded attributeinformation assigned to geologic units and updated shoreline andstate boundaries. The new attributes allow expanded capabilitiesfor producing derivative maps for attributes including stratigraphy,lithology, and tectonic settings. The new...