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The Best Management Practices Statistical Estimator (BMPSE) was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Project Delivery and Environmental Review to provide planning-level information about the performance of structural best management practices for decision makers, planners, and highway engineers to assess and mitigate possible adverse effects of highway and urban runoff on the Nation's receiving waters (Granato 2013, 2014; Granato and others, 2021a,b). The BMPSE was used to calculate statistics and create input files for fitting the trapezoidal distribution to data from studies documenting the performance of individual structural stormwater...
The ViTexOCR script presents a new method for extracting navigation data from videos with text overlays using optical character recognition (OCR) software. Over the past few decades, it was common for videos recorded during surveys to be overlaid with real-time geographic positioning satellite chyrons including latitude, longitude, date and time, as well as other ancillary data (such as speed, heading, or user input identifying fields). Embedding these data into videos provides them with utility and accuracy, but using the location data for other purposes, such as analysis in a geographic information system, is not possible when only available on the video display. Extracting the text data from imagery using software...
The USGS assessment and methodology reports cited within this software release require extensive processing using computational methods and modeling. The most demanding aspects of the modeling were performed using publicly available software: SGeMS and GSLIB (See the 'Related External Resources' section on this webpage to learn more about this software). This publication releases the FORTRAN source code of 15 supplementary computer programs that are required to perform the more specific aspects of the modeling. Upon downloading a program, the user needs to use a FORTRAN compiler for generating the executable code. The tasks performed by these FORTRAN programs are: • blankgridsis, for blanking of several realizations...

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