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Communication antenna towers recorded by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) - 47 CFR Parts 73/74, 23 and 25 (Earth Stations). Note that not all antennas and towers are required to be registered with the FCC. Therefore, this data set does not necessarily depict ALL communication features actually present on the landscape. The source data are updated daily by the FCC as new permits are issued. However, this data set is designed for a specific analysis, and is planned to remain static as of the publication date (11/06/2003).
Powerlines in the western United States and Canada as identified by the 22 source data layers used to compile this shapefile. Source data were collected by personal contact or through the internet in the winter and spring of 2004 and assimilated using ArcGIS. This file is a complete record of overhead powerline data that was avaliable as of 5/15/2004 but IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A COMPLETE REPRESENTATION OF THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL POWERLINES ON THE GROUND. These data primarily depict the higher voltage, long distance transmission lines but some arcs likely represent lower voltage distribution lines.
This data set depicts federal lands having restrictions on access or activities -- that is, lands mangaed by the National Park Service, Defense Department, or Energy Department -- in western North America. The data set was created by reformatting and merging state- and province-based ownership data layers originally acquired from diverse sources (including state GAP programs, USBLM state offices and other sources). For each original dataset 3 additional fields, "Pub_Pvt", "CA_OWN", and "SOURCE" were added and populated based on the specific ownership information contained in the source data. The original coverages were then merged based on the "CA_OWN" field. Finally, NPS, DOD, and DOE lands were selected out of...

    map background search result map search result map powerlines_WUS_CAN_sgca Fires in Western North America Restricted Access Federal Lands in Western North America Restricted Access Federal Lands in Western North America powerlines_WUS_CAN_sgca Fires in Western North America