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The Sqigwts 3-D Landscape is an interactive three-dimensional experience developed to provide an opportunity to effectively learn about the important cultural significance of sqigwts, the water potato (Sagittaria latifolia), to the Schitsu’umsh or Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe (of the Pacific Northwest USA). The goal is to provide information on the potential vulnerability of this species to climate change and of the Schitsu’umsh living relationship with it. Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practice is called hnkhwelkhwlnet, meaning “our ways of life in the world,” and is conveyed through acts of re-telling oral traditions and stories. For the Schitsu’umsh, storytelling is a living act and can only truly occur in-person...
Portal which contains modeled projections of storm surge from coastal storms along the East and Gulf Coasts and the resulting physical,economic, and social losses. Developed in collabortion with FEMA. Contains SLOSH storm surge data and HAZUS loss data by census block.
Categories: Data, Map, Web Site; Types: Application, Downloadable
OCGIS is short for OpenClimateGIS, a set of geoprocessing and calculation tools for CF-compliant climate datasets. OCGIS is a Python package designed for geospatial manipulation, subsetting, computation, and translation of climate datasets stored in local NetCDF files or files served through THREDDS data servers. OpenClimateGIS has a straightforward, request-based API that is simple to use yet complex enough to perform a variety of computational tasks. The software is built entirely from open source packages. ClimateTranslator is a new web interface to the OpenClimateGIS functionality
Categories: Web Site; Types: Application
The Western Landscapes Explorer is a natural resources digital library that provides access to information to evaluate large landscapes over time in the Western United States. It a llows users to learn about data created through the Integrated Landscape Asseessment Project Platform: GeoPortal Server/ Drupal/ Geocorex Essentials Data format: Data access can be for services, geodata (SDE, zipped shape, etc) Server technology: ArcGIS Server
Categories: Data, Map, Web Site; Types: Application, Map Service
Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship. Free and open access The core of Data Basin is free and provides open access to thousands of scientifically-grounded, biological, physical, and socio-economic datasets. This user-friendly platform enables people with varying levels of technical expertise to: Explore and organize data & information Create custom visualizations, drawings, & analyses Utilize collaborative tools in groups Publish datasets, maps, & galleries Develop decision-support and custom tools A broad audience Data Basin supports researchers, natural resource managers, advocates, teachers, students, and members...
Categories: Collection, Data, Map, Web Site; Types: Application
The DMPlanner is a web application for creating data management plans. DMPlanner is an open source, data-driven, client-side JavaScript tool that is easily configurable(via json config), can be used stand-alone or embedded, and has no server-side programming or database requirements. Uses the ExtJS framework, which is available under a GPL license and has a nice suite of ready to use widgets. The basic structure of the planner is Plan(s)->Section(s)->Groups(s)->Question(s). The planner may be configured by editing a JSON file, which is read by the application and defines the structure and, when saved by the web client, stores the data. Supports saving data to the browser cache, filesystem, or webservice (via Local...
Categories: Web Site; Types: Application

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