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The USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center is the nation’s first laboratory dedicated to wildlife research. Since 1936, Patuxent scientists have taken great pride in addressing the most important problems in natural resource conservation and wildlife management. Today, we assist the nation’s land management agencies through ecological and biological research, by providing scientific data though continental monitoring of wildlife populations, and through development of various technical methods now commonly used in the conservation community. Patuxent staff are leaders in avian biology, wildlife toxicology, population biology, endangered species conservation, habitat evaluation, monitoring wildlife populations,...
Leetown Science Center is the oldest Federal Fishery research facility. Established in 1931, the Center applies expertise from a broad diversity of scientific disciplines to conduct integrated research programs addressing the high priority needs of natural resource managers and public policy makers. Examples of current, major research programs include: Impacts of dams and barriers, pollution, and human development on migrating fish. Methods for the detection, control and prevention of fish diseases. Determining the key environmental factors responsible for the distribution and abundance - or decline - of aquatic species. Genetic diversity and the maintenance of genetic diversity in wild populations. Restoration...

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