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New active-source shallow seismic (shear-wave and acoustic-wave) measurements were obtained at 18 prioritized seismic monitoring station locations in the north San Francisco Bay area to measure site-specific ground motion amplification effects, soil depth, depth to bedrock (Z1.0 Vs=1 km/s), calculate site specific velocity-depth profiles and Vs30, and develop NEHRP site classifications for each location. This study was led by Principal Investigators Jamey Turner, Cooper Brossy, and Daniel O’Connell and field data were acquired by Glendon Adams and Lincoln Steele. Seismic monitoring sites that recorded high PGA values during the M6.0 Napa earthquake, proximal to higher population densities, and sites recommended...
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The dataset contains broadband synthetic ground motion records for three events: 1) 1994 M6.7 Northridge, CA, 2) 1989 M7.0 Loma Prieta, CA, and 3) 1999 M7.5 Izmit, Turkey. For each event, 1D synthetic earthquake ground motion time histories are provided, based on four different methodologies: 1) Frankel, A. (2009). A constant stress-drop model for producing broadband synthetic seismograms: comparison with the next generation attenuation relations, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. V.99, 664-680. 2) Hartzell, S., M. Guatteri, P. Martin Mai, P. Liu, and M. Fisk (2005). Calculation of broadband time histories of ground motion, part II: kinematic and dynamic modeling using theoretical Green’s functions and comparison with the 1994...