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These are the zonation outputs/ecosystem scores we used in Blueprint 2.1.
The "" file attached to this item (scroll down) contains the tabular indicator summaries for Brendan to use in the simple viewer. I performed both tabulate area (use these tables to get "Percent of Area" in the hover over table) and zonal statistics (use the mean from these tables to get the HUC 12 mean and South Atlantic Average) on the indicators. We decided to bin the continous indicators for the tabulate area analysis so that they could be displayed in a similar way to the other indicators. This file also contains tabulate area table results to populate the ecosystem pie charts. Here is the document that shows the link between the value and description fields...
This map contains multiple layers related to the corridors in an older version of the South Atlantic Blueprint, Version 2.1. Terrestrial Hubs These are the hubs used in the Linkage Mapper-based connectivity analysis for the terrestrial portion of the South Atlantic area in Blueprint 2.1. Input Data -- Ecosystem scores from Zonation for all inland ecosystems (beach and dune, estuarine marsh, forested wetland, freshwater marsh, maritime forest, pine and prairie, upland hardwood) -- The Nature Conservancy’s Southeast Resilience Project and Northeast Resilience Project -- The Nature Conservancy's Secured Lands Database (External Eastern Division 2014) Mapping Steps 1) Individual ecosystem integrity scores (Zonation...

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