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The PFLCC has recently completed a set of comprehensive conservation planning scenarios for the state of Florida. This represents the first statewide effort to assess likely alternative futures for conservation considering an array of financial, biological, climatological and urbanistic conditions. These spatially explicit and temporal scenarios simulate both urban growth and climate change and identify the most suitable areas for conservation given the resulting land use pattern. Conservation allocations are based on both fee-title and conservation easements.The conservation priorities and mechanisms expressed in these scenarios are based on a wide set of contributing factors, and simulated conservation is purposefully...
The purpose of this workshop is to identify important hydro- and ecological relationships that will affect the ability of floodplain managers to optimize their approaches to providing: 1) fish habitat; 2) wildlife habitat; 3) nutrient and sediment processing; and 4) flood regulation. The resulting conceptual model will guide future floodplain science, including the development of numerical simulation models of high interest relationships. Twenty participants at the workshop included science experts on each of the four floodplain functions, policy analysts, and floodplain managers faced with making optimization decisions. The workshop report will focus on relationships of greatest need of quantification and how they...

    map background search result map search result map Floodplain Functions Conceptual Modeling Workshop, West Alton, July 2014 Statewide Impact Assessment Statewide Impact Assessment Floodplain Functions Conceptual Modeling Workshop, West Alton, July 2014