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The multi-LCC Mississippi River Basin/Gulf Hypoxia Initiative is a joint effort to find the nexus of water quality, wildlife, and people in the Mississippi River Basin. Integrating hundreds of data layers into a coherent spatial analysis tool, the Precision Conservation Blueprint v1.0 will provide a significant targeting and planning tool for individuals and organizations across the basin to identify opportunity areas for the implementation of specific conservation practices that have maximum multiple benefits for wildlife, water quality (gulf hypoxia), and people and agricultural productivity.Practice Fact Sheets identify a dozen or more high impact conservation actions that have potential for multi-sector benefits...
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The Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS) is a shared, long-term vision for lands and waters that sustain fish and wildlife populations and improve human quality of life across the southeastern United States and Caribbean. SECAS provides regional focus for investments across organizations, disciplines, and partnerships on shared and proactive goals. The unique role of SECAS is to identify and support the steps necessary to regionally plan, implement, and evaluate actions that sustain habitat, mitigate threats, and adapt to desired conditions. As a result, SECAS unifies the delivery of conservation activities and supports innovation that can be applied across the region. Funding for this project supports...

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