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The Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Wyoming focused on the development of geospatial information and technologies and their applications in science, education, government and business. Access: Land cover mapping over this large region with an emphasis on shrub vegetation communities Snow cover mapping representing late season snow cover for two winter scenarios (normal vs. heavy snow years) Change detection on 5-year intervals from the present to the advent of the Landsat TM satellite in 1984. The project timeline calls for the completion of the SW Wyoming products by December 2006 and central Wyoming...
Categories: Web Site; Tags: biotic, habitat, map, natural, plant
This web site houses the quick guides, worksheets, and templates developed as part of a project focused on helping practitioners integrate climate change into Habitat Conservation Planning under the Endangered Species Act. It also includes a spreadsheet with information on existing HCPs that have addressed climate change. All guides and worksheets are freely downloadable.
To assist the BLM land managers with developing an integrated monitoring program, the project will construct a database of ongoing and planned inventory, monitoring, and research projects and identifying potential information gaps that may require additional analytic or data collection tasks. By integrating the database with land management plans, this project will allow BLM land managers to implement adaptive management more efficiently. A GIS database will also help develop well-defined data quality objectives and informational needs. Preliminary spatial data will highlight opportunities to develop monitoring information that will be able to clearly track changes occurring in key ecological indicators over time...
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Link to Arizona's HabiMap, a map viewer that displays GIS layers relevant to wildlife in Arizona. For example, there are GIS layers showing vertebrate species distributions, wildlife stressors, and wildlife habitat linkages. Habimap is one of the state Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools (CHATs) supported by an initiative of the Western Governors' Wildlife Council.
Categories: Web Site; Tags: Conservation, Habitat, Wildlife
The Western Native Fishes Committee's gallery in Data Basin contains 272 downloadable GIS layers showing fish habitat (current and historical) in the western U.S.
Categories: Data, Web Site; Tags: Fish, Habitat

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