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In Texas, there are currently 15 species listed as state threatened, of which 5 are candidates for protection under the Endangered Species Act (TPWD 2010; USFWS 2009, 2011). For many of these species it is unknown how habitat quality and quantity is influenced by changes in flow, whether it be extreme low or high flows. Thus, the emphasis of this study will be to begin summarizing the effects of disruptive flow events on mussels to help inform ongoing conservation assessments by USFWS. The anticipated outcome of this project is a review of mussel-hydrologic relationships that USFWS can use to aide in their conservation and recovery activities for Texas mussel species.
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The overall goal of this project is to provide guidance on genetic considerations that should be addressed prior to implementing controlled propagation through development of a conceptual framework and case study. The completion of these tasks will provide information that can be used to inform species-specific genetic management plans and help operationalize controlled propagation, if needed. The specific objectives of this study are: (1) Outline specific steps that managers should ask in making determinations regarding whether or not to initiate captive propagation; (2) Conduct a range-wide survey of genetic variation in Lampsilis bracteata, that will allow identification of distinct populations and identification...
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