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Estimates of the sources and wet deposition fluxes of inorganic nutrients (PO3- 4, NO- 3, NO- 2, NH+ 4) have been made using a long-term wet atmospheric deposition measurement at three sites along the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The nutrient composition in rainwater indicated a dominant anthropogenic source for NO- 3 and NH+ 4 and a continental, natural, and anthropogenic, rock/soil source for P03- 4. The calculated longterm dissolved inorganic N (IN) and inorganic P (IP) fluxes were 0.28 and 0.009 g m-2 yr-1 to the coastal zone and estimated as 0.24 and 0.008 g m-2 yr-1 to the Southeast (SE) Mediterranean, with a possible increasing pattern of the annual dissolved IN fluxes. Concentration of total and seawater...