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Core Research Center, cutting DC01564, from well operated by J TAYLORRaw Properties from download, web scrape, MapServer, and Macrostrat API{"Lib Num": "DC01564", "API Num": null, "Operator": "J TAYLOR", "Well Name": "1 A T MCCARTY", "Field": null, "State": "CO", "County": "LAS ANIMAS", "Thin Sec": "F", "Analysis": "F", "Latitude": "37.1849", "Longitude": "-104.44002", "coordinates_geohash": "9wtex3m1epu8", "Source": "CENTER OF SECTION", "Min": "0", "Max": "1722", "Security Flag": null, "crc_collection_name": "cutting", "sb_parent_id": "4f4e49d8e4b07f02db5df2d2", "intervals": [{"Formation": null, "Age": null, "Min Depth": null, "Max Depth": null}], "crcwc_url": "", "surface_rocktype":...
Conclusions:The paper describes the development and use of the Forest Water Quality Index (FWQI), an index to capture, evaluate and communicate the impact of forestry activities on water quality. The index is used to predict the water quality in watersheds anticipating future forestry activities by comparing data from similar watersheds that have already experienced forestry activities.Thresholds/Learnings:

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