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BLM REA COP 2014 UT iv cs


This dataset depicts the current predicted distribution of major invasive vegetation in the State of Utah.Invasive classes were extracted from multiple datasets and then combined into a single raster dataset. A cell value of 1 was assigned where invasives were present and a value of 0 was assigned where they were absent .This invasive species composite (Upland, Riparian, Uncharacteristic Exotic Vegetation) was created from:1) LANDFIRE 120 EVT2180: Introduced Riparian Vegetation2181: Introduced Upland Vegetation-Annual Grassland2182: Introduced Upland Vegetation-Perennial Grassland and Forbland2183: Introduced Upland Vegetation-Annual and Biennial Forbland2184: Introduced Annual Grassland2) NatureServe Landcover 2184: Introduced Annual [...]

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