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Percent change in above ground tree cover for the Amazon Basin under UKMO HADCM3 climate and GOVernance deforestation scenarios with no fire (2020s)


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2011-03-08 07:46:20
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2011-03-08 07:54:46


The integrity of Amazon forests are currently threatened by climate change, deforestation, and fire. However, it is unclear how these agents of change interact over large spatial and temporal domains and reducing this uncertainty is important for projecting changes in carbon stocks and species biogeography, and could better inform continental scale conservation programs. With this in mind, above ground biomass and tree cover data were produced using the dynamic global vegetation model, LPJmL, with 9 different global climate models (using the SRES A2 emissions storyline) and 2 different deforestation scenarios (from Soares et al.). The existing fire module was modified to include 'escaped fire' associated with deforestation, and included [...]


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<div>Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), and European Union Marie Curie Greencycles Research Training Network.</div>
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