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MC1 DGVM fire potential consensus forecast January-November 2012 (number of weather forecasts resulting in high potential)


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2012-08-27 14:39:29
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2012-08-27 14:39:29


This map shows the predicted area of high fire potential for the current year up to the end of the forecast period as simulated by a modified version of the MC1 Dynamic General Vegetation Model (DGVM). Different colors indicate the level of consensus among five different MC1 simulations (i.e., one for each forecast provided by five different weather models), ranging from one of five to five of five simulations predicting high fire potential. The area of high fire potential is where PDSI and MC1-calculated values of potential fire behavior (fireline intensity for forest and shrubland and rate of spread of spread for grassland) exceed calibrated threshold values. Potential fire behavior in MC1 is estimated using National Fire Danger [...]


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United States Forest Service, MAPSS team--Raymond Drapek<br />
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:36:59 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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