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Riparian Restoration, Carbon County


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This project would increase diversity of forbs and invertebrates in riparian and transitional riparian/upland areas through mowing and seeding of native forb species. A tractor powered mower with a seeder would be used to create an enhanced vegetative mosaic within riparian or transitional riparian areas lacking in vegetative species and structural diversity. A contractor would provide a tractor or seeder for distribution of native seed. This project would focus on improving habitat for a diversity of species, particularly sage grouse and other BLM sensitive avian species such as the Brewer's sparrow and sage thrasher, which rely on riparian habitats for critical brood rearing requirements in the Sand Hills ACEC south of Rawlins. [...]


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WLCI Coordination Team

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  • JO Ranch Transitional Riparian-Upland Seeding

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