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Magnetotelluric Data from the San Andreas Fault, Loma Prieta CA, 1989-1990; Station mt06


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Rodriguez, B.D., Brown, P.J., Johnson, M.R., McClees-Funinan, R., Powell, A.S., and Enns, K.D., 2022, Magnetotelluric Data from the San Andreas Fault, Loma Prieta CA, 1989-1990: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center (GGGSC) collaborated with the USGS Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) team to preserve and release a subset of magnetotelluric data from the San Andreas Fault in Loma Prieta, California. The San Andreas Fault data were collected by the Branch of Geophysics, a precursor to the now GGGSC, between 1989 and 1994. The magnetotelluric data selected for this preservation project were collected in 1989 and 1990 using USGS portable truck mounted systems that measure the distribution of electrical conductivity beneath the surface of the earth. Truck mounted systems of this era output data to 3.5” discs, from which data were recovered and transformed to binary [...]


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USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_Mid_02.edi 17.18 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_Mid_01.edi 17.18 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_Low_02.edi 17.08 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_Low_01.edi 17.09 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_High_02.edi 29 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP_High_01.edi 29 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-CP.edi 51.71 KB text/plain
SJ0L6_2cp.txt 8.27 KB text/plain
SJ0L6_2cp.bin 5 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0L6_22ts.txt 31.48 KB text/plain
SJ0L6_22ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0L6_21ts.txt 32.93 KB text/plain
SJ0L6_21ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0L6_1cp.txt 8.16 KB text/plain
SJ0L6_1cp.bin 5 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_9ts.txt 35.58 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_9ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_8ts.txt 34.01 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_8ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_7ts.txt 34.57 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_7ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_6ts.txt 34.6 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_6ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_5ts.txt 35.19 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_5ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_4ts.txt 33.77 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_4ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_3ts.txt 34.43 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_3ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_2ts.txt 33.65 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_2ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_2cp.txt 8.79 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_2cp.bin 5 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_20ts.txt 34.44 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_20ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_1ts.txt 33.35 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_1ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_1cp.txt 8.86 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_1cp.bin 5 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_19ts.txt 36.07 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_19ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_18ts.txt 35.57 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_18ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_17ts.txt 35.17 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_17ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_16ts.txt 34.39 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_16ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_15ts.txt 34.54 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_15ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_14ts.txt 33.41 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_14ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_13ts.txt 35.69 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_13ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_12ts.txt 35.43 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_12ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_11ts.txt 35.5 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_11ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ0D6_10ts.txt 36.41 KB text/plain
SJ0D6_10ts.bin 13 KB application/octet-stream
SJ006_2cp.txt 21.29 KB text/plain
SJ006_2cp.bin 10.75 KB application/octet-stream
SJ006_1cp.txt 21.14 KB text/plain
SJ006_1cp.bin 10.75 KB application/octet-stream
“Raster plot of the phase angle and apparent resitivity for the station.”
thumbnail 159.58 KB image/png
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Low_1.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Low_2.edi 70.97 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_1.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_2.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_3.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_4.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_5.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_6.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_7.edi 70.97 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_8.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
Loma_Prieta_1989_Data_Quality_site-06.csv 2.69 KB text/csv
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_9.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_10.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_11.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_12.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_13.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_14.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_15.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_16.edi 70.98 KB text/plain
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_17.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_18.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_19.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
USA-California-San_Andreas_Fault-Loma_Prieta-1989-MT06-TS_Mid_20.edi 0 Bytes application/unknown
Loma_Prieta_1989_site-06_Config.jpg thumbnail 1.15 MB image/jpeg
Loma_Prieta_1989_site-06_Log.jpg thumbnail 1.33 MB image/jpeg


The magnetotelluric data that were previously locked in an inaccessible format are now readily available as a result of open-source software. The released information could help increase understanding of the San Andreas Fault system, which runs the length of California, as well as fault systems elsewhere. Seismic activity can pose potential hazards and great risk to communities in surrounding areas. Using the framework developed in this preservation effort to make more magnetotelluric data available will deepen our knowledge of fault systems and in turn benefit public welfare.

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