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Mucket eDNA detection in Wallen’s Bend, Clinch river, Tennessee, September 2019


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Klymus, K.E., Ruiz Ramos, D.V., Thompson, N.L., and Richter, C.A., 2020, Mucket eDNA detection in Wallen’s Bend, Clinch river, Tennessee, September 2019: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The data describe the technical performance of a designed qPCR assay for the detection of mucket (Actinonaias ligamentina) eDNA from field collected water samples. Parameters described include the sequences of the primers and probes used; the limit of detection and limit of quantification for the assay; a list of freshwater mussels species that were used to test specificity of the assay; and in situ field samples that were tested to the verify assay.


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Data were collected as part of a study being funded through the Department of Defense’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP). The goal of the study is to model eDNA transport of freshwater mussels from known mussel beds and gain a better understanding of eDNA detection in riverine systems. The specific data in this release is from a pilot study (preliminary field work ) at one of the sites (Wallen’s Bend) in which water samples were taken at multiple distances from 100 meters to 3500 meters downstream of a bed, only data collected up to 500 m of the bed are shown in this release.



  • Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC)
  • USGS Data Release Products



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DOI doi:10.5066/P9BIGOS5

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