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Water Availability Tool for Environmental Resources for the Commonwealth of Kentucky updated for 2019


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Williamson, T.N., Hoefling, D.J., Headman, A.O., and Gerzan, M.N., 2021, Water Availability Tool for Environmental Resources for the Commonwealth of Kentucky updated for 2019: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


In 2009, the Kentucky Water Science Center completed the Water Availability Tool for Environmental Resources (WATER-KY), which provided the ability to simulate streamflow for the period 1980-2000. This model integrated TOPMODEL (Beven and Kirkby, 1979) for pervious portions of the landscape with simulation of flow generated from impervious surfaces (USDA, 1986). Associated products included a flow-duration curve, load-duration curves when water-quality data were available, and general water balance. WATER-KY required a dedicated ArcGIS license with the Spatial Analyst extension, which made it difficult to use for some cooperators and limited integration with other hydrologic approaches. This new version translates the abilities of [...]

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These data inform the reconfigured WATERpy-KY, including the potential for addressing land-use based hydrologic response units and extending the historical record of precipitation and temperature through 2019. Data were aggregated for Kentucky and portions of Tennessee that contribute to Kentucky streams. Rasters include those that describe topography (topographic wetness interval), soil properties (saturated hydraulic conductivity [Ksat], soil thickness, total porosity, field capacity porosity, available water-holding capacity), TOPMODEL-specific soil variables (conductivity multiplier, scaling parameter), and climatic drivers (precipitation, temperature).


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